Reportedly the first lookout structure here was a 1924 gable-roof cupola cabin. However, the first telephone line was not strung until 1931 when a gable-roofed L-4 cab was built. Then in 1954, the hip-roofed L-4 ground cab from Leecher Mtn. Lookout was reportedly moved here (prior to road access). In 1956, the U.S. Air Force prepared to build a gap filler radar station atop the peak by destroying the lookout and blasting the top 40' off the mountain. The project was partially completed when it was declared obsolete. In the meantime, the present 41' treated timber L-4 tower was built. The lookout was pressed into emergency service during 1994 when nearby Goat Peak Lookout had to be evacuated because of a forest fire. It was used in 1996 to monitor the Elbow Basin fire in the Pasayten Wilderness, and relay radio messages from personnel on the fire. The summit is the highest point in Washington accessible by automobile. The lookout is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.
Okanogan National Forest
16 miles NW of Mazama
Okanogan County, Washington
Elevation 7440'

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Slate Peak in the 1940s Slate Peak in the 1940s Slate Peak in 1957 Slate Peak in the late 1950s Slate Peak in the 1960s Slate Peak in 1988 Slate Peak in 2001
Photos courtesy the U.S. Forest Service and Rex Kamstra.