Satus Peak may well be the windiest lookout site in the world. In 1920, a cabin was built, replaced by a 10x10' cab in 1933. In 1957, another cab was constructed, quickly replaced by a heavy timber and frame cab in 1960. Then a steel & wooden cab atop 4' concrete pillars was built in 1967. The present 2-story concrete base with heavy steel cab, built in 1976, was constructed of reinforced iron beams and walls, and the airtight windows are steel-framed triple strength Thermopanes. All previous structures were so severely damaged by the incessant wind, each needed to be replaced. Only the outhouses have been replaced more than the lookout. Over a dozen different ones have blown away. The lookout is staffed every summer.
Yakama Indian Reservation
25 miles southwest of Toppenish
Yakima County, Washington
Elevation 4182'
USGS Benchmark SB1110
USGS Benchmark SB1111

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Satus Peak L.O. Satus Peak in 2009
Photos courtesy the Rex Kamstra collection