R.I.P. 1938-1963; 1963-1983
Developed with a 15' pole L-4 tower in 1938, a 20' treated timber R-6 flat replaced it in 1963. Vandalism plagued the tower, especially after it was abandoned in the late 1970's. It was sold in 1983 to a local farmer who used the legs to support a water tank and added the cab to his house. Known lookout personnel: 1938: Ray Scott; 1945: Ollie Mae Gilbert; 1948: June & Russell McGee; 1950: Mr. & Mrs. H. Martin Peterson; 1951: Paul Buell; 1952: Janet Johnston; 1953: Alice Culler; 1954: Bill Stiffel; 1956: Delmar Olson; 1957: Charles Boddeker; 1958: Don Knauss.
Colville National Forest
7 miles ENE of Colville
Stevens County, Washington
Elevation 5773'

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Old Dominion in 1938 Old Dominion L.O.
Photo courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and the Dave Bula collection