Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934, the second floor dormer of the present stone vista house at the north end of the summit served as the first lookout. It is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register. A series of towers replaced the stone vista house as primary lookout, beginning in 1948 with an 85' wooden live-in tower, which fell down the next winter. In 1950, a 45' pole tower with L-4 cab was constructed, replaced by a 40' timber DNR live-in tower in 1963. Another 40' timber DNR live-in tower, built in 1979, was last staffed in 1994. It was dismantled in 2001, with the cab and part of the tower rebuilt atop nearby Quartz Mtn in 2004. Known lookout personnel: 1945-1955: Adelia Blake; 1957: Ruby Hammer and Kara Lea Elston; 1958: Charles Morris; 1960-1963: Ciri Hansen; 1966-1968: Kay Arman.
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources/Mt. Spokane State Park
23 miles NE of Spokane
Spokane County, Washington
Elevation 5883'

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Mt. Spokane Vista House Mt. Spokane in 1955 Mt. Spokane in 1992 Mt. Spokane in 2000
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum, Dave Bula collection, and Rex Kamstra