Started in 1914 with a crow's nest tree platform lookout and accompanying cabin, a 30' pole tower with a crude cab replaced the tree in 1923. In 1930, a 35' steel tower was constructed. The present 123' Aermotor steel tower, built in 1938, is the tallest lookout tower in the Pacific Northwest! It has been abandoned since the mid-1980's. Evidence suggests the 1930 tower was moved to Grizzly Mtn. where it was built in 1941.
Colville Indian Reservation
21 miles east of Omak
Okanogan County, Washington
Elevation 6774'

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Moses Mtn. in 1914 Moses Mtn. in 1923 Moses Mtn. in 1924
Moses Mtn. in 1938 Moses Mtn. in 1999 Moses Mtn. living quarters, 1999
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and Rex Kamstra