Preceded by a 60' pole tower with 6x6' cab and cabin built in 1945, this 40' timber tower with DNR live-in cab, built in 1965, was last staffed in 1980. The tower was removed in 1996 to make room for the addition of another radio tower on the summit. The lookout was purchased and rescued by Rod Fosback who has rebuilt the top 10' of the tower with cab on his land east of Colville. Known lookout personnel: 1957: Viola Frahm; 1958: Loretta Young; 1960: John Dodson.
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources
8 miles SW of Colville
Stevens County, Washington
Elevation 5532'

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Monumental in the early 1990's Monumental Mtn. in 1996
Photos courtesy of Rex Kamstra