Established in 1934 with a 72' pole observation tower and accompanying log cabin living quarters, a 30' treated timber tower with L-4 cab was built in 1955. After having been sold to the Stevens County Historical Society, it was removed in 1985, and relocated next to the Keller Historical Museum in Colville on a small hill overlooking the city. It is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register, and is open for tours during the summer. Known lookout personnel - 1955: Dale Rollins; 1956: Lawrence Tolliver; 1957: Gary Hannawalt; 1958: William Bryant; 1959: Don Douglas.
Colville National Forest
14 miles W of Kettle Falls
Ferry County, Washington
Elevation 5947'

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Graves Mtn. in 1934 Graves Mtn. in 1980 Graves Mtn. @ Colville Museum
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and Rex Kamstra