Developed in 1934 with an L-5 cab, a 15' treated timber tower with L-4 cab replaced it in the 1950's. The present 15' tower with DNR live-in cab, built in 1986, was last staffed by the DNR in 1995. Its low profile view of Northern Ferry County takes in mostly National Forest land. The L-4 cab from the previous tower was moved to the Molson Museum. Known lookout personnel - 1945: Roger Martin; 1950: George Sand; 1951: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Anderson; 1952-1953: Mr. & Mrs. George Mackie; 1954: Edna Mackie; 1955: Karen Brown & Peggy Hamilton; 1957-1958: Edna Mackie Roberts; 1959: Bryan Bremner.
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources
15 miles NNE of Republic
Ferry County, Washington
Elevation 3786'

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Franson Peak in 1934 Franson Peak in 1981 Franson Peak in 1995 Franson's L-4 at the Molson Museum
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and Rex Kamstra