This summit was first used for fire detection in 1935, when a 40' L-4 tower was built. This was replaced by a 40' pole L-4 tower in 1952. A 40' timber DNR live-in tower, built in 1971, was staffed every summer into the 2000s and was listed on the National Historic Lookout Register. The tower was dismantled in 2013. The cab was moved to the town of Northport. Known lookout personnel: 1957: Frank Kjolseth and Leon Hammer; 1958: Monita Engvall.
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources
4 miles W of Northport
Stevens County, Washington
Elevation 4255'

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Flagstaff in 1970 Flagstaff in 2000
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and Rex Kamstra