Established in 1916 with a 35' pole platform with a log shelter at the base, a 60' pole tower with 6x6' cab replaced it in 1925. This was followed up by a 40' steel Aermotor tower topped with an L-4 cab in 1947. In 1986, the cab was moved to the Orient Community Park. Known lookout personnel - 1923: F. Smith; 1929: Keith Miller; 1945: William Potter; 1948: William Zimmer; 1950: Grant Buck; 1951: Mr. & Mrs. Bob White; 1952: Mrs. Paul Stevens; 1953: Marilyn Buck; 1954: Mr. & Mrs. Chester Hoof; 1955: John R. Sullivan; 1956: Blair Turner; 1957: Evelyn Williams; 1958 & 1959: Ernie Keyes.
Colville National Forest
20 miles N of Kettle Falls
Stevens County, Washington
Elevation 3962'

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First Thought in 1916 First Thought in 1927 First Thought in 1979 First Thought in 2001
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum, the Dave Bula collection, and Rex Kamstra