Originally developed in 1938 with a 50' pole tower and L-4 cab, a 41' treated timber tower with R-6 flattop cab replaced it in 1963. The Forest Service staffed the lookout into the 1970's. The Washington Department of National Resources staffed it for a couple of seasons in the early 1980's. The tower was sold to Frank Scranton in 1985 and moved to his farm alongside Highway 395 just north of Chewelah, where it stands today. Known lookout personnel - 1945-1950: Rachel Butte; 1951-1952: Mr. & Mrs. W. Gnagy; 1953: Mr. & Mrs. Ziegler Heilman; 1957: Alice Culler; 1958: Ross Hesseltine; 1959: Dennis Erhart.
Colville National Forest
6 miles E of Chewelah
Stevens County, Washington
Elevation 5773'
USGS Benchmark TO0831

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Chewelah Peak in the 1940's Chewelah Peak in the early 1980's
Photos courtesy the Chewelah Independent and Gary Weber