R.I.P. 1954-1967
Capitol Peak has one of the most reconstructed and confusing histories of any lookout site. In 1929, a 114' 3-legged wooden tower with elevator to an 84' platform landing and ladder to the top was constructed, but blew down in 1934. The following year a 100' treated timber tower with 8x8' cab was built, but was destroyed by the U.S. Army to make room for a radar station in 1942. The following years are even more bizzarre and confusing; one source says in 1943 an 83' tower with 7x7' cab was built, and subsequently blew down in 1946. Then a 68' wooden live-in replaced it the same year, and after this tower fell down? in 1954 a 45' wooden tower with L-4 cab came along. Photo evidence does not seem to correspond with this history of structures, as the superstructure seems to resemble an earlier, taller tower which was trimmed to accommodate an L-4 cab (note the unconventional inside trapdoor access to the cab and wide legs at the top, indicating this tower was not built to fit this cab). Whatever the case, this tower was destroyed in 1967 during the DNR's first round of phasing out lookouts, many of them built and torn down in the same decade.
Washington State Division of Forestry/DNR
12 miles SW of Olympia
Thurston County, Washington
Elevation 2658'
USGS Benchmark SC1580

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Capitol Peak in 1935 Capitol Peak L.O.
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum