R.I.P. 1915-1930's; 1930-1963
First used in 1915 with a log cabin and roof platform, a 20' L-4 tower replaced it in 1930. It was converted to a 3-story house for the Aircraft Warning Service in 1942. A 20' treated timber tower with R-6 flat cab replaced the L-4 in 1963, but was promptly destroyed in 1975.
Colville National Forest
13 miles NNW of Republic
Ferry County, Washington
Elevation 5739'
USGS Benchmark TP1108

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Bodie Mtn. in 1916 Bodie Mtn. in 1933 Bodie Mtn. in 1942 Bodie Mtn. in 1942
Photos courtesy of Fire Lookout Museum and