First used as a camp lookout in 1914, a log cabin was added in 1920. Then a 20' pole tower with L-4 cab was constructed in 1934, followed by a 40' wooden tower with DNR live-in cab in 1958. The present 42' wooden DNR live-in tower was constructed in 1980 and is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register. The summit was been continuously staffed every summer from 1916 to 2020, but is now on emergency status.
Washington Dept. of Natural Resources
8 miles WNW of Tonasket
Okanogan County, Washington
Elevation 5167'
USGS Benchmark TP1187
USGS Benchmark TP1189

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Aeneas Alidade Aeneas in 1920 Aeneas in 1919 Aeneas in 1919b Aeneas in 1929 Aeneas in 1929 Aeneas Packtrain Aeneas in 1942 Aeneas in the 1940s Aeneas in 1955 Aeneas in 1970 Aeneas in 1996
Check the view from the top: North, East, East-Southeast, Southeast, South, Southwest, and West.
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum, Jon Fancher, U.S. Forest Service and Rex Kamstra