Forest Fire Lookout Trivia


Tallest lookout tower in the world: Warren Bicentennial Tree Lookout, Australia - 225.7 feet.

Tallest all-steel lookout tower in the world: Beard Tower, 5km SE of Manjimup, W. Australia - 200 feet.

Tallest lookout tower in the U.S.: Woodworth Tower, Alexandria Louisiana - 175 feet.

Highest lookout site in the world: Fairview Peak, 25mi NE of Gunnison Colorado - 13,214 feet.

Lowest lookout sites in the world: Pine Island L.O., Florida & Evans Pines L.O., Florida - 2 feet.

Earliest known fire lookout in the world: Mount Masada, west of the Dead Sea, in present-day Israel, approx. 2,000 years ago. It was built by the evil King Herod's army in the Holy Land to protect against his enemies who were burning his empire.

State with the most known lookout sites: Idaho (989). 196 of them still exist with roughly 60 staffed each summer.

Number of lookout sites in Alaska: 2! For a state that has huge conflagrations we hear about in the news, this is surprising.

Number of lookout sites in Rhode Island: 10! Amazing how the smallest state had five times as many lookouts as the largest state in the union.

Only state that has never had a lookout: Kansas.

Source: The Lookout Network newsletter & Fire Lookouts Of The Northwest.

This page created by Rex Kamstra.