Established in 1921 with a crow's nest tree platform (1/2 mile southwest of the present tower), a 50' wooden tower with 7x7' and cabin were constructed in 1926 (also 1/2 mile southwest of the present tower). A garage was added in 1934. A crow's nest tree platform was added 1/2 mile east of the present tower in 1931 (still there, also called the East Wolf Lookout Tree). Materials for the current 108' treated timber L-4 tower were purchased in 1942, then stored at Derr Guard Station until 1947 when enough manpower was available after World War II to build the tower. It is staffed every summer.
Ochoco National Forest
27 miles southeast of Mitchell
Wheeler County, Oregon
Elevation 6483'

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Wolf Mtn. in 1923 Wolf Mtn. in 1926 Wolf Mtn. in 1929 Wolf Mtn. in 1929 Wolf Mtn. in 1955 East Wolf Mtn. in 1978 Wolf Mtn. in 2001 Wolf Mtn. in 2012 East Wolf Mtn. in 2012
Photos courtesy the U.S. Forest Service, the Fire Lookout Museum and Rex Kamstra