This 30' tower with L-4 cab, built in 1933, had been abandoned for several years. The original ponderosa pine legs were replaced in 1953 with larch poles. The lookout was torn down in 2006, with the cab planned to be rebuilt as a display at the High Desert Museum south of Bend (project has not happened). The tower was on the National Historic Lookout Register.
Deschutes National Forest
16 miles southwest of Bend
Deschutes County, Oregon
Elevation 5697'
USGS Benchmark PB0758

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Wanoga Butte in 1934 Wanoga Butte in the 1930s Wanoga Butte in the 1930s Wanoga Butte in 2000
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum, U.S. Forest Service, and Rex Kamstra