First used with a 1930's 15' pole L-4 tower, a 40' steel tower with live-in cab, built in 1959 & 1960, had been abandoned for a number of years and vandalized. The steel tower superstructure came from Johnson Ridge Lookout. A private party obtained and removed the tower in 2016, and relocated it to Long Ridge on private property in Wallowa County.
Oregon Dept. of Forestry
18 miles northwest of LaGrande
Umatilla County, Oregon
Elevation 4574'
USGS Benchmark RB1335
USGS Benchmark RB1337
USGS Benchmark RB1338

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Tiptop Mtn. original L-4 tower Tiptop Mtn. in 2000
Photos courtesy the Umatilla N.F. and Rex Kamstra