A tree platform was used as the first lookout in 1925, replaced by the present 96' steel Aermotor tower and a ground house in 1933. The original cabin accidentally burned in 1966, with the garage converted into living quarters. The cabin is available on the Recreation Rental program. Known lookout personnel: 1931: C.B. Wilcox; 1933-1934: Clarence Bisbee; 1941: Lyle Eddy; 1944: Mrs. Vernon Cecil; 1945: Leonard Pate; 1952: Blayne Thompson, Art Scott (late season); 1956: George Porter; 1961: David Fortsrom; 1963: David Creswick; 1966: Dale Vance; 1964-1965 & 1967: Louis Larson; 1968: Dale Godwin; 1969: Jerry Healy.
Umatilla National Forest
12 miles WNW of Monument
Grant County, Oregon
Elevation 4979'

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Tamarack Mtn. L.O. Tamarack Mtn. living quarters
Photos courtesy of Rex Kamstra