R.I.P. 1923-1938; 1938-1968
The summit, once called Bald Mountain, was first used as a camp in 1921. This was followed by a 14x14' cab in 1923, which was subsequently raised on to a 20' wooden tower in 1931. Then in 1938, a 50' treated timber L-4 tower was constructed. It was destroyed in 1968. Known lookout personnel: 1952: Eudora and Leora Houston.
Ochoco National Forest
21 miles southeast of Mitchell
Wheeler County, Oregon
Elevation 6871'

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Spanish Peak in 1930 Spanish Peak in 1935 Spanish Peak in 1942 Spanish Peak in 1944 Spanish Peak in 1962 Spanish Peak in 1962
Photos courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service and Jim Holroyd