R.I.P. 1940's-1962; 1962-1994
Developed as a camp in the 1920's, a 40' pole L-4 tower was constructed about 1937. For some reason, this was quickly replaced by an 82' treated timber L-6 tower in the 1940's. Then in 1962 an 84' treated timber R-6 tower was built. It was destroyed in 1994 when an attempt was made to lift the cab and top half of the tower 6 miles to the east to become a rental. It proved too heavy for the Army Chinook helicopter and had to be dropped as soon as it was lifted from the lower part of the tower.
Mt. Hood National Forest
16 miles southeast of Mt. Hood
Wasco County, Oregon
Elevation 3702'
USGS Benchmark RC2246

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Post Point L.O. Post Point L.O. Post Point in 1956 Post Point in 1962 Post Point L.O.
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum, the Howard Verschoor collection, and the U.S. Forest Service