A long history of structures have graced the summit, starting in 1935 with a 20' cable-braced pole L-4 tower. During the winter of 1951-52, the catwalk was damaged by the heavy snow, but apparently they worked around it until the 20' timber L-4 tower replaced it in 1954. This was quickly followed up by a 20' treated timber R-6 flat in 1965. The present 20' all-steel observation tower, built in 1986 by the local cable TV company so it could accommodate radio equipment, is now only used during emergencies. The author deems this tower to be one of the top five ugliest lookouts ever built!
Winema National Forest
27 miles northwest of Klamath Falls
Klamath County, Oregon
Elevation 8035'

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Pelican Butte in 1952 Pelican Butte in 1954 Pelican Butte L.O.
Photos courtesy the Dave Bula collection and Howard Verschoor