R.I.P. 1916-?; 1926-?
First used with a cupola cabin in 1916, a 20' platform was added in 1922. Then an 81' steel tower was constructed in 1926. Used for emergencies into the 1960s, it has long since departed. The cupola cabin photo may or may not actually be from Mt. Emily, but this is how it was labeled in the Oregon State Archives.
Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
7 miles north of La Grande
Union County, Oregon
Elevation 6110'
USGS Benchmark RB1316
USGS Benchmark RB1317
USGS Benchmark RB1319
USGS Benchmark RB1323

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Mt. Emily circa 1930 Mt. Emily in 1928 Mt. Emily in 1966
Photos courtesy the Oregon State Archives, the Umatilla National Forest, and the Jerry Gildemeister collection