R.I.P. 1934-1940
The site was developed with a 90' tree platform around 1926. A 100' treated timber tower with L-6 cab, constructed in 1934, fell down in the wind in 1940, but the accompanying ground cabin living quarters dating from this time is still on the summit. A 101' steel Aermotor tower replaced the wooden one in 1941, only to be removed in the 1950's. Known lookout personnel: 1936: D.L. Davis; 1941: Ralph Beard; 1943: Tom O'Malley and Gerald Bevans; 1946: David Clutter; 1947: James Phillips; 1948: Jerry Phillips; 1949: Robert Shafer; 1950: Jack Gillam; 1951: Elvin Hubert; 1955: Ervin McGee; 1967: John & Blanche Butler.
Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
25 miles northeast of Wallowa
Wallowa County, Oregon
Elevation 5244'

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Kirkland Butte L.O.
Photo courtesy the Dave Bula collection