A crow's nest tree platform (still there) was used as the first lookout in 1922. A 20' L-4 tower was built in 1933, along with a 30' wooden tower with 8x8' cab 1 mile to the east (also referred to as Snowshoe L.O.). Then in 1966, the present 53' treated timber R-6 flat was constructed. It is staffed every summer.
Malheur National Forest
23 miles southwest of John Day
Grant County, Oregon
Elevation 6584'

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Flagtail Mtn. in 1942 East Flagtail Mtn. L.O. Flagtail Mtn. in 1968 Flagtail Mtn. crow's nest Flagtail Mtn. L.O. Flagtail Mtn. in 2010 Flagtail Mtn. in 2013
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum, U.S. Forest Service, and Rex Kamstra