A long-time lookout site, the first structure was a cabin and platform tower built in 1906. This was replaced by a D-6 cupola cabin in 1921, followed by an L-4 cab in 1936. The present modified R-6 flat cab, built in 1984, is staffed in the summer.
Willamette National Forest
10 miles SSE of Detroit
Linn County, Oregon
Elevation 5771'
USGS Benchmark QE2637
USGS Benchmark QE2636

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Coffin Mtn. 1921-1936 Coffin Mtn. in 1958 Coffin Mtn. in 1976 Coffin Mtn. in 1982 Coffin Mtn. in 1984
Photos courtesy of Mark Swift, Bill Meier, and the Fire Lookout Museum