First used about 1920 with a tree platform tower, a 30' pole tower with L-4 cab replaced it in 1934. After having survived bears eating up the tower legs, and vandals taking chainsaws to it, the tower was replaced in 1984 with the present 20' concrete base topped with a live-in cab which makes it resemble an aircraft control tower. It has not been regularly staffed for several years. The lookout is currently available on the Recreation Rental program.
Lolo National Forest
1 mile southwest of Superior
Mineral County, Montana
Elevation 4593'

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Thompson Peak in 1943 Thompson Peak in 1943 Thompson Peak L-4 tower Thompson Peak in 1983 Thompson Peak in 1994 Thompson Peak in 2019 Thompson Peak in 2019
Photos courtesy the National Archives and Records Administration, the Fire Lookout Museum, the Dave Bula collection, Gary Weber, and Rex Kamstra