The peak was named by forester I.V. Anderson and Harry Baker, supervisor of the Cabinet National Forest in the 1920's. The rumor most widely believed is that it was named after their topic of conversation that day. It lived up to its name when a patrol plane buzzed the lookout at eye level in the 1960's and found two lovers stark naked on the rocks. The first cab was a 1930 vintage L-4. This was replaced in 1948 by the present L-4 cab, and staffed through the mid-1970's. It was refurbished and placed on the Recreation Rental program in 1986, and is listed on the National Historic Lookout Register.
Kootenai National Forest
8 miles south of Trout Creek
Sanders County, Montana
Elevation 5798'

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Sex Peak L.O. Sex Peak in 2012
Photos courtesy of Gary Weber and Luke Channer