R.I.P. 1921-1924; 1924-1949; 1949-1981
Established as a camp about 1914, a 40' platform between 3 trees was built in 1921 along with log cabin living quarters. In 1924, a 55' pole tower with 7x7' cab and a replacement log cabin (still there) were added, followed by a 41' treated timber L-4 tower in 1949, which was gone by 1981.
Kootenai National Forest
16 miles south of Eureka
Lincoln County, Montana
Elevation 6322'
USGS Benchmark TN0886
USGS Benchmark TN0888

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Pinkham Mtn. in 1921 Pinkham Mtn. in 1926 Pinkham Mtn. L.O.
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and National Archives and Records Administration