R.I.P. 1935-1962; 1962-1989
Established with a firefinder prior to 1934, a 40' pole L-4 tower was built in 1934. Then a 53' treated timber L-4 tower was built in 1962. It may have incorporated the original L-4 cab from the previous tower. It was destroyed in 1989.
Flathead National Forest/Montana DNRC
6 miles west of Lakeside
Flathead County, Montana
Elevation 6757'

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Blacktail Mtn. in August 1932 Blacktail Mtn. in May 1935 Blacktail Mtn. in July 1935 Blacktail Mtn. in 1951 Blacktail Mtn. in 1979
Photos courtesy of Barbara Boorman and the Fire Lookout Museum