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Note: some map locations are approximate and should not be relied upon for navigation
Lookout sites with photos
Anderson Butte Lookout
Gardiner Peak Lookout
Oregon Butte Lookout
Bad Luck Point Lookout
George, Mount, Lookout
Pilot Knob Lookout
Bailey Mtn. Lookout
Grave Peak Lookout
Puzzle Point Lookout
Bear Mtn. Lookout
Green Creek Point Lookout
Quartz Ridge Lookout
Bear Point Lookout
Green Mtn. Lookout
Rabbit Point Lookout
Bear Wallow Lookout
Grouse Ridge Lookout
Salmon Mtn. Lookout
Beaver Ridge Lookout
Hells Half Acre Lookout
Savage Ridge Lookout
Big Rock (62 Ridge) Lookout
Hidden Peak Lookout
Sawyer Ridge Lookout
Black Butte Lookout
Highline Lookout
Seaburg Point Lookout
Blackhawk Mtn. Lookout
Hot Springs Point Lookout
Sheep Hill Lookout
Blacktail (Frisco Peak) Lookout
Idaho Point Lookout
Shissler Peak Lookout
Boston Mtn. Lookout
Indian Hill Lookout
Skookum Butte Lookout
Burnt Knob Lookout
Jack Mtn. Lookout
Slate Point Lookout
Chair Point Lookout
Jay Point Lookout
Sourdough Peak Lookout
Columbia Ridge Lookout
Jersey Mtn. Lookout
Spot Mtn. Lookout
Coolwater Lookout
John Day Mtn. Lookout
Spread Creek Point Lookout
Corral Hill Lookout
Kelly Mtn. Lookout
Square Mtn. Lookout
Cottonwood Butte Lookout
Little Baldy Lookout
Stanley Butte Lookout
Dead Elk Point Lookout
Lochsa Peak Lookout
Stillman Point Lookout
Diablo Mtn. Lookout
Lookout Butte Lookout
Swartz Meadow Lookout
Disgrace Butte Lookout
Maple Lake Lookout
Three Prong Mtn. Lookout
Elk Summit Lookout
Marble Point Lookout
Twin Butte Lookout
Elkhorn Mtn. Lookout
McConnell Mtn. Lookout
Vermillion Peak Lookout
End Butte Lookout
Mocus Point Lookout
West Fork Point Lookout
Falls Point Lookout
Nez Perce Peak Lookout
Wood Hump Lookout
Fish Creek Lookout
Nipple Mtn. Lookout
Wylies Peak Lookout
Fog Mtn. Lookout
North Pole Lookout
Free Use Point Lookout
Nut Basin Lookout
Freeman Peak Lookout
Old Man Point Lookout

Other lookout sites in this area
Archer Point
Rainbold Ridge
Aura, Mount
Gateway Peak
Rainy Creek Point
Barren Hill
Gedney Mtn.
Rainy Day Point
Bat Point
Goddard Point
Ranger Peak
Battle Creek
Gold Hill
Rock Creek Point
Granite Peak
Rock Point
Beaver Jack
Grave Meadows
Bell Point
Grouse Creek Point
Big Burn Point
Grouse Point
Sabe Mtn.
Big Creek Point
Sable Hill
Big Sand
Hanover Mtn.
Schoenfield Ridge
Harrington, Mount
High Springs
Shasta Point
Blacktail Butte
Horse Point
Shearer Peak
Blue Joint
Horsefly Point
Sheep Hill
Hot Point
Silver Ridge
Boundary Point
Simmons Ridge
Boxcar Mtn.
Iron Mtn.
Soda Creek Point
Burnt Strip Mtn.
Jungle Point
Split Creek Point
Burpee Mtn.
Lake Creek Point
Sponge Mtn.
California Point
Langdon Point
Steep Hill
Cantaloupe Peak
Lick Creek Point
Clear Creek
Lizard Ridge
Lochsa Peak
Three Links Point
Cooper Point
Lodge Point
Tony Point
Cooperation Point
Lodgepole Hump
Trapper Trail
Crane Hill
Log Ridge
Trout Peak
Cross Trails
Lone Knob
Cub Point
Lone Pine
Vance Point
Dairy Mtn.
Long Ridge
Wahoo (Squaw) Peak
Dan Ridge
Magruder Mtn.
Waugh (Lost Packer)
Mammoth Mtn.
Weasel Point
Dennis Mtn.
Dent Point
Meadow Creek
White Sand
Doe Point
Meeker Ridge
Witter Ridge
Dog Point
Mink Point
Wounded Doe
Dome Hill
Moccasin Point
Double Creek Ridge
Moe Peak
Eagle Creek Point
Nellie Mtn.
Eakin Point
Nick Wynn Mtn.
Elk Butte
Elk City
O'Hara Point
Elk Ridge
Elk Summit
Otter Butte
Fall Creek Point
Parachute Ridge
Fawn Ridge
Peterson Point
Fire Mtn.
Pettibone Ridge
Fire Creek Point
Porters Mtn.
Prospect Point
Quartzite Butte

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