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Note: some map locations are approximate and should not be relied upon for navigation
Lookout sites with photos
Antelope Mtn. Lookout
Granite Mtn. Lookout
Rapid Lightning Lookout
Bald Eagle Lookout
Green Bonnet Lookout
Red Top Lookout
Bear Creek Lookout
Grouse Mtn. Lookout
Roberts Mtn. Lookout
Big Meadows Lookout
Hall Mtn. Lookout
Roman Nose Lookout
Binarch Mtn. Lookout
Horton Ridge Lookout
Ruby Mtn. Lookout
Black Mtn. Lookout
Hughes Ridge Lookout
Russell Mtn. Lookout
Blacktail Mtn. Lookout
Hunt Peak Lookout
Saddle Mtn. Lookout
Boulder Mtn. Lookout
Jasper Mtn. Lookout
Sandpoint Baldy Lookout
Burton Peak Lookout
Jay Peak Lookout
Scotchman Peak Lookout
Camels Prairie Lookout
Kaniksu Mtn. Lookout
Shorty Peak Lookout
Caribou Lookout
Katka Peak Lookout
Smith Mtn. Lookout
Caribou Hill Lookout
Little Grass Lookout
Smith Peak Lookout
Continental Mtn. Lookout
Little Snowy Top Lookout
Squawman Lookout
Cooks Peak Lookout
Lookout Mtn. Lookout
Stone Johnny Lookout
Cottonwood Point Lookout
Lost Creek Ridge Lookout
Sundance Mtn. Lookout
Cuban Hill Lookout
Lunch Peak Lookout
Tola Point Lookout
Cutoff Peak Lookout
McCormick Ridge Lookout
Trestle Peak Lookout
Deer Ridge Lookout
Mollies Lookout
Uleda Point Lookout
Eddy Peak Lookout
Newport Hill Lookout
West Fork Lookout
Experimental Lookout
Plowboy Mtn. Lookout
Whitetail Butte Lookout
Experimental Spur Lookout
Prater Mtn. Lookout
Gisborne Mtn. Lookout
Goblin Knob Lookout
Gold Peak Lookout

Other lookout sites in this area
Fisher Peak
Quartz Mtn.
Bear Point
French Ridge
Queen Mtn.
Bee Top Mtn.
Goat Mtn.
Reeder Mtn.
Grass Mtn.
Round Top Mtn.
Bethlehem Mtn.
Harrison Peak
Silver Mtn.
Blue Joe
Harvey (Mission)
Smith Triangle
Blue Mtn.
Hogue Mtn.
Snow Peak
Bonners Ferry R.S.
Howe Mtn.
Solomon Mtn.
Browns Mtn.
Strawberry Mtn.
Buck Mtn.
Iron Mtn.
Timber Ridge
Buckhorn Mtn.
Italian Peak
Trout Peak
Bugle Ridge
Jeru Peak
Tungston Mtn.
Bussard Mtn.
Lakeview (Wabaningo)
Twentymile Peak
Canida Peak
Lightning Mtn.
Two Tail
Caribou Ridge
Lightning Peak
Wall Mtn.
Cedar Ridge
Watson Mtn.
Clifty Mtn.
Moose Mtn.
White Mtn.
Myrtle Peak
Copper Mtn.
Nickleplate Mtn.
Dodge Peak
Parker Peak
Early Ridge
Pend Oreille, Mount
East Fork Peak
Pyramid Peak

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