Established in 1913 with an alidade on the summit and a log cabin 1/2 mile to the northeast, a 7 x 7' cab was built in 1920. In 1932, an L-4 cab was constructed, replaced by the present 10' concrete base with R-6 flat cab in 1964. It is the highest active fire lookout in the Pacific Northwest.
Challis National Forest
14 miles northwest of Challis
Lemhi/Custer County, Idaho
Elevation 10,394'
USGS Benchmark QA0688
USGS Benchmark QA0689
USGS Benchmark QA0690

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Twin Peaks in the 1920s Twin Peaks in the 1950s Twin Peaks in the 1950s Twin Peaks L.O. Twin Peaks in 2010
Photo courtesy the U.S. Forest Service, Rex Kamstra, and Luke Channer