Established as a camp in the 1920's, an L-4 cab was built in 1935. This 10' concrete base topped by an L-4 cab, built atop a minor summit 1 mile southwest in 1954, doesn't appear to have been used for a few years. There were also patrol points atop Rockat Peak 2.5 miles north and atop Reeds Baldy 2 miles northeast.
St. Joe National Forest/Idaho Dept. of Lands
7 miles northeast of St. Maries
Benewah County, Idaho
Elevation 5825'
USGS Benchmark SV1515

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St. Joe Baldy in 1953 St. Joe Baldy in 1959 St. Joe Baldy L.O. St. Joe Baldy in 2017
Photos courtesy Darrell Newcomer, the Fire Lookout Museum, Rex Kamstra, and Luke Channer