Started in 1922 with a 20' platform tower and log cabin, a 50' pole tower with 7x7' cab replaced the first tower in 1930. In 1943, an L-4 cab was added for living quarters on the ground, later remodeled for storage, and is still on the summit. A 53' treated timber tower with L-4 cab, built in 1950, was last staffed in 1978. Work began on refurbishing the ground cabin in 2012, while the tower was left as a standing ruin. In July 2014, the tower cab partially collapsed, necessitating its emergency removal. The ground cab has been fully restored and is available on the Recreation Rental program.
Coeur D'Alene National Forest
21 miles north of Kellogg
Shoshone County, Idaho
Elevation 5318'
USGS Benchmark SV1412
USGS Benchmark SV1413

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Spyglass in 1920 Spyglass Mtn. 1930-1950 Spyglass in 1932 Spyglass in 1950 Spyglass L.O.
Photos courtesy of Gary Weber and the Fire Lookout Museum