R.I.P. 1930-1965
Developed in the 1920's with a pole platform tower and tent, an L-4 cab was added for living quarters in 1930. Then in 1935, a 50' pole L-4 tower was built on the easternmost point. The site was destroyed in 1965. There was also a patrol point 2 miles to the west.
Kaniksu National Forest
10 miles north of Nordman
Bonner County, Idaho
Elevation 4877'

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Plowboy Mtn. in 1933 Plowboy Mtn. L.O. Plowboy Mtn. in 1942 Plowboy Mtn. L.O. Plowboy Mtn. L.O. Plowboy Mtn. in 1965
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and U.S. Forest Service