This 14x14' ground cab, built in 1941, was used for emergencies in to the 2000's but has since been converted to an enclosed radio building. Known lookout personnel: 1945: Julius & Doris Imgard; 1953-1955: Leslie Sweat and H.J. Strom; 1956-1958: Leslie Sweat and George Merritt; 1961: Carl Kinney and Dale Chatterton; 1962: George Merritt and Ralph King; 1970: Dale Chatterton; 1975-1979: Louis & Thora Anderson; 1980: Sandra Beer and Karen Jones; 1983-1985: Paul Roberts.
Bureau of Land Management
2 miles south of Shoshone
Lincoln County, Idaho
Elevation 4337'

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Notch Butte L.O.
Photo courtesy of Rex Kamstra