R.I.P. 1934-1961; 1961-1988
A crow's nest tree platform atop Latour Baldy one mile south was used beginning in 1930. Then, a 30' pole L-4 tower was constructed atop Frost Peak in 1934. In 1961, construction began on a 30' treated timber R-6 flat, continuing into 1962. In June 1962, a pop-up cupola trailer was moved to the summit and used as the lookout while the tower was being completed. The R-6 tower was gone by 1988.
Coeur d'Alene National Forest/Idaho Dept. of Lands
11 miles southwest of Kellogg
Kootenai County, Idaho
Elevation 5832'
USGS Benchmark SV1509
USGS Benchmark SV1510
USGS Benchmark SV1513

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Latour Baldy in 1934 Frost Peak in 1946 Frost Peak in 1962 Frost Peak in 1962 Frost Peak in 1976
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and Pete Miles