R.I.P. 1931-1954; 1943-1963
Developed in 1931 with a log cabin and a 48' pole tower with 7x7' cab, L-4 cab living quarters were added in 1943. In 1954, the steel tower from Copper Mtn. was moved here. Then a 53' treated timber R-6 tower was constructed in 1963, and moved to Black Mtn. in 1975 where it stands today. The log cabin burned in a late 2010's forest fire.
Coeur d'Alene National Forest
6 miles southeast of Lakeview
Bonner County, Idaho
Elevation 5246'
USGS Benchmark SV1471

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Faset Peak in 1944 Faset Peak in 1980
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum