Coolwater was one of the first lookout sites developed in the Lochsa-Selway country, built in 1915. One of the duties of early lookouts here was relaying heliograph messages from other lookouts that were not serviced by telephone lines. An L-4 cab was built in 1931, replacing a frame cabin. When the present 10' treated timber tower with L-4 cab was constructed in 1953, the earlier L-4 cabin was moved just below the summit for storage. The lookout is staffed every summer.
Clearwater/Nez Perce National Forests
24 miles east of Kooskia
Idaho County, Idaho
Elevation 6929'

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Coolwater in 1916 Coolwater in 1923 Coolwater in 1989
Photos courtesy the Fire Lookout Museum and the Nez Perce N.F.