Burnt Knob's name reflects the fire history of the area. A ranger station was established in 1910 on the Shoup Trail, the main thoroughfare to Nez Perce Pass. The lookout point, one-quarter mile from the ranger station, was first used in 1922 with an alidade on the summit. The existing log lookout cabin (L-5 log lookout cabin - modified plan) was built in 1930 and used until the early 1960's. Some restoration work was done by district employees in the late 1980's. Overlooking the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, Burnt Knob is a mile-and-a-half side trip off the Montana Road between Red River and Darby, Montana. The cabin is on the National Historic Lookout Register.
Nez Perce/Bitterroot National Forests
23 miles southeast of Elk City
Idaho County, Idaho
Elevation 8196'
USGS Benchmark QZ0642

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Burnt Knob in 1938 Burnt Knob in 1996
Photos courtesy of Gary Weber and the Nez Perce N.F.